Talent for groundbreaking initiatives – ASPIRE

Personalized Healthcare is demanding changes in the way Roche operates – closer to our patients and being able to serve them better, faster and more targeted. New technologies are driving this transformation, providing the tools and platforms supporting new business models, interconnected ecosystems and the capture of key data with which we run Roche. 

We are using the latest ERP technology with SAP S4/HANA and other systems to help us become more agile and resilient in the face of disruptions and adversity to ensure continuous  supply of life-saving medicines. Automation and digitalization allow greater flexibility and transparency while increasing compliance, consistency and safety. Hence technology is a fundamental enabler of Roche’s strategy and ambitions. 

The ASPIRE program is building the digital backbone that allows for data driven business decisions, with accurate data about the state of our enterprise at our fingertips in real time across all Roche. Planning, ordering, producing, supplying, paying and receiving payments will be as seamless as a handshake. People will be able to focus on the needs of our customers rather than internal coordination and processes. ASPIRE is a very ambitious and groundbreaking program. The RSS team is providing key resources to the program in the areas of Program management, Communications, Organizational Change Management, Training, Finance management and System Testing in our regional hubs.