Solution centers set for a bright future

By Martin Kikstein, General Manager Roche Services & Solutions EMEA (Budapest)

Delivering exceptional value to our partners, driving outcomes, and enabling them to focus on patient-centric activities is Roche Services & Solutions’ (RSS) mission. And by going beyond the traditional Global Business Services organization, we’re leading the way in our sector.

Up until a few years ago, working for a Shared Service Center (SSC) may not have been fashionable. The usual assumption was that these organizations focused on employing individuals who spend the day processing data or dealing with customer requests. 

Now, when I look around, I’m delighted to see the bustling and energizing atmosphere these locations irradiate, be it in Kuala Lumpur, where I spent five years, or Budapest, where I work now. During the past years, the sector went through a massive transformation, moving from transactional services to end-to-end solutions centers. And I’m convinced that RSS is leading the way in this transformation. 

Transformation benefiting our colleagues

Being an integral part of the Roche organization we support, we are a partner for the whole organization. Together, we work closely to co-create and deliver outcomes adapted to an increasingly dynamic business landscape.

These changes have an immediate impact on the lives of our employees as well. By offering more strategic positions, with development opportunities to create a more interesting career journey for them, we are bringing together the best talent, automation capabilities, and new ways of working, e.g. lean, agile, design thinking, and change management.

We’re especially proud of our company culture at RSS: people-focus, trust, agility, and flexibility. In the eyes of potential candidates, we offer great opportunities, with more and more diverse tasks, international career options, as well as a colorful, multicultural, and inclusive work environment.