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Turning digital marketing skills into a tool for social change

Meet Agnes, Head of Roche’s Global Digital Hub

My eagerness to learn and collaborate has played an important role in the development of my professional life. I started my career in sales and marketing in Hungary — where I’m from — working for an American automaker and then joined a multinational pet food company that put me on a life-changing management training program.

This program marked the beginning of an international career that would take me to France, South Africa and the United Kingdom, as well as my journey into digital marketing. Always open for new challenges, I was given the opportunity of building a digital marketing department from scratch — from social media to content management — and ran with it full speed.

But, when my ascending career became too predictable, I knew it was time to move on and take on a new challenge working for an e-commerce giant in Switzerland. A year into the new job, destiny came knocking on my door and returned to my previous employee — this time with a new role. For the next three years, I boosted my online marketing experience, focused on understanding performance indicators, developed loyalty programs and implemented innovative digital technologies. However, while I grew professionally, I felt I was missing something in my life.

RSS colleauge Agnes from Global Digital Hub

“I’m grateful to work at Roche because it contributes to the well-being of so many people around the world, including those I support with my volunteering work.”
Agnes Makranczi, Head of Roche’s Global Digital Hub

This is when I decided to leave my job and went backpacking through Africa for six months. I went there with the intention of sightseeing and meeting people. Instead, I fell in love with such a vibrant continent and started a new chapter in my life as a volunteer for different humanitarian causes, including an orphanage in Tanzania, a school for blind children in Zambia and a Kindergarten in Zimbabwe. Traveling through Africa made me realize that I could combine my desire to volunteer with my knowledge of digital marketing to have an impact on the lives of people I came across once I returned home to Hungary.

I joined Roche in Budapest in 2020. From all the international experience I gained through my career, I’ve never expected to find a job that fulfills me with a sense of accomplishment as the one I currently have as Head of Roche’s Global Digital Hub. I feel lucky to lead an enthusiastic team of 60-plus digital natives focused on delivering world-class, end-to-end solutions to internal customers. The hub strengthens Roche’s digital capabilities through the development and execution of digital marketing strategies, social media management, marketing automation, as well as other essential digital services. By closely living and breathing the OneRoche approach, our company provides our team with an outstanding opportunity to do something different everyday and constantly upskill.

While Africa made me discover my inner calling to help others through volunteering, Roche has allowed me to grow as a leader. This became even more rewarding in 2022 when I won a contest during the company’s 125-Year anniversary celebrations to fulfill one of my humanitarian wishes: Provide malaria testing kits to a children’s hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

I’m grateful to be able to work for Roche that contributes to the well-being of so many people around the world, including those I support with my volunteering work. When it comes to job fulfillment, I think I found my niche.

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Roche Colleagues in front of a notebook

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